Het oprichtingsbestuur van de SNVL, 17 augustus 2019

From left to right: Thea Geris-Vogels, Secretaris; Monique van Tilborg-Siméon, Voorzitter; Joanne van den Berg, Penningmeester.

Standing left: Joanne, our Treasurer, member of the Dutch Team of Paragliding during a “precision competition” in Lithuania (17-18 Februari 2019)

Joanne Litouwen 16-17 Februari 2019-5
Joanne Litouwen 16-17 Februari 2019-6
Joanne Litouwen 16-17 Februari 2019-1
Joanne Litouwen 16-17 Februari 2019-7

During the International Board Meeting of the FEWP in June 2018 at Old Warden, UK, three new nations joined the FEWP: Thirteen nations are now represented.


(Here are the ten first nations: From left to right: Sharon, UK; Jasna, Slovenia; Ruth, Germany; Brigitte, Austria; Nathalie, Belgium; Monique, Netherlands; Martine, France; Teresa, Spain. There were two absent: Diana, Switzerland and Donatella, Italy.)And hereunder the three new members: Cyprus, Romania and Serbia with Angel, Eleonora and Olgica


Part of the participants of the 2018 FEWP Annual Meeting, then in England, at the Shuttleworth collection, Old Warden (as you can notice on the picture, men are not excluded 😉)

Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth

How more European could it be?… This photo was taken at the European Parliament during a visit there with the attending members of the FEWP, at the 2015 venue, organised that year by Belgium.

(From left to right: Back row: Thea, Netherlands; Aileen, UK; Brigitte, Austria; Diana, Switzerland; Donatella, Italy. Front row: Martine, France; Teresa, Spain; Ruth, Germany; Jasna, Slovenia; Nathalie. Belgium)


Part of the International Board of the FEWP at the venue in Venice (Italy, organising country) in June 2016

(From left to right: Jasna, Slovenia; Nathalie, Belgium; Brigitte, Austria; Diana, Switzerland; Donatella, Italy; Martine, France; Sharon, UK; Fiorenza, Italy)